G-Tronics Audio, Video & PC

Commercial Grade Services

  • HDTV Plasma, LED & LCD Monitor Installation
  • Satellite TV Set Up, Premium Sports Packages Available
  • Distributed Audio System Installation
  • Security System Installation
  • Low Voltage Integrated Wired Network Implementation
  • Wireless Network Implementation

∗We provide 100% support for all of our services and products∗

When incorporating entertainment systems into your restaurant, you need high quality audio partnered with a perfect High Definition picture on every monitor. With a new line of HDTV Plasma, LCD or LED monitors, you can attract more customers and keep them in their seats longer! Whether it’s a bone crunching football game or a thunderous auto race you're planning to host, you can offer your patrons an enhanced experience that will keep them coming back for more.

Done Right the First Time  

It's not enough to have the wall of Televisions; High Definition Video Distribution needs to be installed and set up correctly. Too many restaurants and sports bars invest their money on new HDTV's only to end up with a low quality standard definition picture in the end. And you don't want your customers distracted by sloppy wiring and a poorly configured sound system. Not only will we consult with you to meet all your initial audio and video needs, but we will continue to support you after the installation to ensure your complete satisfaction with your new equipment.

For any of your Sports Bar, Restaurant, or Night Club- Pro Audio, Pro Video or HDTV distribution needs, G-Tronics can help you make it happen.

HDTV Installation at a local bar
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